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  • How do the classes work?
    ASL Classes are held via Zoom. Students will recieve the Zoom code in the confirmation email after registration. Each week, we work on introductions, review the signs from the previous week and learn the new signs for that week. For the ASL Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4 there is also designated time for practice with fellow students. Each week students learn between 30-50 new signs. There is homework which is designed as extra practice and is optional. In addition, students will have access to links to videos to practice along with for each week of vocabulary. For ASL Kids, we review the signs from the previous week and learn the new signs for that week. We designate a few minutes each week for students to practice with other sudents. In ASL Kids, students learn between 15-30 signs per week.
  • How do I download the worksheets and video links?
    On the first day of class, you will be given the access code to your enrolled course. From our website, you simply click the class you are taking under the Online Courses Tab and enter the password which will grant you access. If you have any problems downloading contact us via email at
  • How much do students learn?
    For ASL Levels 1-4, students learn an average of 40-50 words each week. The course is a bit more accelerated as we fit in what most programs do in one semester into six weeks. After the four levels of ASL, students should have a vocabulary of about 1,200 words, an undertsanding of deaf culture and be at a comfortable level of conversational ASL. For ASL Kids Levels 1-6, students learn an average of 20-25 words each week. The courses are designed for students ages 7-11. After the six levels of ASL Kids students have a vocabulary of about 500 words and an abilty to hold basic conversation in ASL.
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